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Parrot Mambo

One drone, multiple accessories The Parrot Mambo minidrone comes equipped with two new accessories that help turn the sky into a playground! Fire miniature balls at moving objects with the Cannon, or move objects through the air using the Grabber claw. You can also enjoy acrobatic tricks and flips in flight. This super robust and easy to handle Minidrone will measure up to all your challenges. Cannon Interact with other drones and pilots using the included Cannon accessory. Attach the Cannon to your Parrot Mambo and let the games begin! Test your skills with target practice, and fire these little balls at a pyramid of cups or other light-weight targets. You can load up to 6 pellets into the Cannon at a time. The first pilot to knock everything down wins! Grabber Would you like to do something out of the ordinary and surprise everyone? Attach the Grabber to the Parrot Mambo and use it to transport mini-objects that weigh up to 4g to a new location. Simply activate the claw on the hom


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Parrot Mambo


  • Warranty


  • Weight

    2.24 Ounces

  • Dimensions

    5.2 x 5.2 x 1.6 Inches

  • Wearing Cycle


  • In the box

    1x Parrot Mambo, 4x Bumpers, 1x Battery, 1x Cannon accessory, 50x Balls, 1x Grabber accessory, 1x Snap accessory, 1x set of stickers, 1x USB cable and 1x User Guide

Compatible Devices

  • Alcatel A30™ TABLET 8-inch - Prepaid
  • Alcatel GO FLIP™ - Prepaid
  • Coolpad Defiant - Prepaid
  • LG G6™ - Black - Prepaid
  • LG G6™ - Ice Platinum - Prepaid
  • LG Stylo™ 3 PLUS - Prepaid
  • Motorola Moto Z Force Edition 2nd Gen - Prepaid
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime - Prepaid
  • T-Mobile® REVVL® - Prepaid